J.I.M. Appliance Repair

Furnace or Air Conditioner Maintenance Tune up

The $70 Precision Furnace or Air Conditioning Tune-up

With J.I.M. Appliance precision tune-up and cleaning service, we help you keep your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace running smoothly and reliably so it performs at it’s best when you need it most.

Our trained technicians will inspect your unit and all of its components to ensure the operating and safety controls are functioning properly and in the appropriate sequence. We’ll verify your heat transfer components are clean and that each unit is performing at its optimal level. Additionally, we evaluate the safety of each unit and component, testing for carbon monoxide and other dangers. Finally, we usually perform a cleaning service on your air conditioner or furnace to keep your energy costs down! Cleaning air conditioning units is important. This ensures that the unit isn’t just adding dust and debris into the air. This can cause health problems and can add to existing ones, so it’s important to regularly make use of air cleaning services from companies like https://castlehomecomfort.com/. Hopefully, this will help homeowners to increase the life of their air conditioning system.

Proper maintenance of your furnace and air conditioning unit will not only prolong the life of your unit and save you from unwanted repairs, but also help your unit to run as efficiently as possible, and save you money on your electric bills, which you can achieve further if you use a service like payless power, who offer prepaid and postpaid plans, and while you’re waiting for your AC to be repaired you could have a look into some portable Top-rated systems so you don’t overheat!

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