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The Latest in Laundry Technology

With many advancements being made in computer technology and components, it’s no wonder that
there are many advancements in appliance technology as well. From heating, air conditioning, &
refrigeration maintenance in Chino Hills, Ca to laundry appliances there’s so much more that technology
can bring to your everyday life. One of these is in finding appliances that cut down the amount of time
you spend cleaning and doing laundry.

Using state of the art computer systems new laundry appliances offer added features that you can
benefit from. Consider these two appliance tips in Chino Hills, CA when looking for a new laundry
system for your home:

High Efficiency Machines: Look for machines that are high efficiency models. New machines
can clean as efficiently in less time using less water.
Sensing Technology: With new water, moisture, and heat sensing technology it’s possible to
find a laundry system that can actually sense the dirt in the water, the moisture in clothes, and
dryness levels to know when to increase or decrease cleaning and drying times. Many washers
now offer this water sensing technology where they can detect the level of dirtiness in a batch
of laundry to know if they need to run an additional rinse. Dryers old and new alike can offer
similar technology in sensing dryness levels. By using an auto-dry feature you’ll not only save
energy by running the machine less time, but can actually save on wear and tear on clothing
items as well.

Whether you’re looking for the latest in appliances or simply want to make sure yours is running at
optimal level, professional appliance repair in Chino Hills, CA allows you to work with those experienced
and well knowledgeable in your options. Whether you’re looking for your first set of laundry appliances
or thinking of updating, consider the many energy efficient models that use technology to save you both
time and money.

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