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Teaching Your Kids about Homeownership

Long before your children are grown and ready to own a home of their own you can begin teaching
them about the responsibilities of home ownership. From simple DIY repairs to recognizing when to call
in a professional there are many skills and tips they can learn even at an early age. Here are just a few:

How to change a furnace filter. One of the most common causes of breakdowns or problems
with a furnace can be not changing the air filter often. Heating, air conditioning, & refrigeration
maintenance in Moreno Valley, CA is important for controlling heating and cooling costs as well
as maintain your system. Teaching an older child how to check and change an air filter is a good
skill they’ll have when they own their own home.
Appliance tips in Moreno Valley, CA. Teaching your children tips for caring for and maintaining
your appliances will not only allow them to learn new skills but also encourage awareness of
how appliances help in everyday life. Teaching a child how to clean the lint filter in the dryer,
clean a cooking spill in the oven, wipe off refrigerator coils, or even how to routinely clean a
dishwasher will teach them the value of these important appliances both now and in their own
future homes.
How to inspect major home systems. Teaching your children how to recognize a plumbing
problem, a foundation crack, or even an aging roof, and how they should go to this website to deal with, for example, a roof problem, may seem like an unnecessary responsibility;
though they may not need these skills now they will be valuable when they are homeowner’s
themselves. It also allows them to understand and appreciate the responsibility that is home
ownership. Perhaps if they were to notice a plumbing problem, for example, then you would be able to call a plumber from somewhere like T.E. Spall & Son (thecomfortdoctors.com/plumbing-services-moosic/) before a large issue like water damage were to occur.

When your children learn about the responsibility of home ownership from you while they are growing
up they may not be experts, but they will come to understand how a home is cared for and when to turn
to turn to professional such as for appliance repair in Moreno Valley, CA.

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